Bluetooth  speakers,Wireless speakers and Soundbars. Bluetooth speakers are one of the latest inventions today. For one, there is an urgent need of speakers that are easily connectible and do not need wires. Thankfully, there are some speakers today that help do exactly that. Here is a look at some of the top features you need to look out for in a Bluetooth speaker. Ruggedness: With the proliferation in the use of these speakers outside of the confines of walls, most Bluetooth manufacturers are beginning to develop features on their speakers that allow them to withstand the rage of the elements. Now, there are speakers which can cope with drops of water as high as six feet, and can even float on water to facilitate your use of them Low-energy: Since the most attractive feature of these speakers is the no fuss, no wires approach, it is always important to ensure that the device you pick has energy retaining capabilities. For this very reason, manufacturers of these devices are now developing speakers with low-energy requirements, that will need you to charge them up only once a day. These speakers will then last all day to provide you with your favorite music. Speakerphone capability: Bluetooth speakers can now be used not only to cater to your music needs, but to attend calls as well! With the new developments of speakers to facilitate speakerphone capabilities, you can now hear the voices of your loved ones on speakerphone and with the best sound quality. When you've found features like this on your Bluetooth speakers, you know you've found the one.

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